Advanced Outpatient Drug Rehab Alternative in Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL now offers cutting-edge, non-12 step drug addiction & alcoholism outpatient rehab treatment solutions through this innovative service!

The evolution of Neurofeedback Treatment services in the recovery from drug addiction, alcoholism & chemical dependency has transformed into the advanced, medication-free process of Brainwave Optimization – now being offered by Grey Matters International in Chicago, Illinois and has some past clients calling it the CURE! Even more so for those with a history of relapse, this new IOP approach to addiction recovery is truly remarkable!

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Addiction treatment professionals throughout Chicago, Illinois (and even worldwide), as well as those working in drug rehab centers as well as independent therapists and counselors, have for the most part agreed there has yet to present a bona fide cure for the treatment of drug addiction, alcoholism, chemical dependency and process addictions such as gambling and sex. Likewise, there has been great emphasis placed on traditional treatment and therapeutic options as is the case with the limited scope of mainstream drug rehabs based largely on the 12-Step model of recovery. As of recent however, an advanced, cutting-edge self-help/improvement tool and addiction treatment throughout Chicago, IL provided by Kevin Fleming, Ph.D., is being offered on an outpatient basis and is seeing success rates that has some people claiming it to be the potential cure to addiction & alcoholism.

The renowned behavior change specialist , Kevin Fleming Ph.D., Owner of Grey Matters International, Inc., providing cutting-edge self-improvement technology and addiction treatment alternatives on an outpatient basis throughout Chicago, IL and which has often been sought out by those requiring executive/VIP services such as; actors, actresses, professional athletes, corporate executives, etc., now offers a leading system for brainwave optimization. Having shown unmatched success toward the alleviation of suffering from drug addiction/substance abuse, alcoholism, chemical dependency, dual-diagnosis disorders, gambling addictions, etc., brainwave optimization offers a powerful and effective program for improving brainwave function with an alarming success rate.

Throughout Chicago, Illinois and hundreds of other locations world-wide, people are discovering the healing powers of their own brain with this advanced approach. With a highly selective team of neuroscience experts, you too can become one of our nearly 30,000 success stories: people who have harnessed their own brainpower to triumph over alcoholism, drug addictions, as well as those suffering from dual diagnosis/co-occurring disorders. Kevin J. Fleming, Ph.D. brings this exciting new technology to Chicago, IL for all those who feel stuck emotionally and whom have tried traditional recovery avenues such as residential treatment and/or the 12 Step recovery model, along with a heartfelt desire to ultimately turn the corner in the meaningful work with those struggling with drug addiction, alcoholism and other emotional disorders into the realm of creating a long-lasting outcome for such maladies. Having devoted much of his former professional career in highly regarded, clinically advance drug rehabs and various other treatment centers, his sober and life coaching services are summoned upon worldwide by prominent figures and organizations.

Whether you’re an athlete who wants to perform at a higher level, an artist who wants to be more creative, or someone facing a personal challenge trying to take back your life, Brainwave Optimization with real-time balancing™ was created with you in mind. Likewise, for those whom have attempted traditional treatment approaches and have failed time & time, this advanced alternative provided on an outpatient basis may just be the answer you’ve been searching for!

Your brain is the control center for everything you do. It drives your visual and spatial senses, attention and concentration, memory, language and your ability to reason and be logical. When your brainwaves are out of balance, so is everything else.

Just about every one of us has experienced a trauma or crisis that can throw the brainwaves out of synchronization. This can result in eating and sleep disturbances, addictions, feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, anger and irritability and physical pain and discomfort.

Brainwave Optimization with Real-Time Balancing (RTB)™ is an effective, holistic and non-invasive method that guides your brain back to its natural, healthy, balanced state.


NOTE: While brainwave optimization and Real-Time Balancing is discussed here within the realms of drug and/or alcohol addictions, this cutting edge IOP (outpatient) is likewise, showing phenomenal success with regard other mental health maladies such as; anxiety, PTSD, depression, ADD/ADHD and so on.


Every series of sessions begins with a brain map. Our sensors are placed in strategic spots on your head. They collect information that enables you to actually see your brain. Kevin J. Fleming, Ph.D. of Grey Matters International, Inc. will work with you to interpret the data and describe your brain balances and imbalances.

He works with you to set goals and then, he works with your brain to restore it to its natural state of balance and harmony. The sessions involve translating your brainwaves into melodious sounds, allowing the brain to “hear” itself and coaxing it into harmony.

Every brain is different. We don’t train your brain to meet a standard or an average. Your brain is optimal when it arrives at its own unique state. Although there’s a wide spectrum of time required to restore balance and harmony, most clients find a level of relief within just a few sessions. The average duration is 10-12 sessions, though Kevin J. Fleming, PhD. will work with you to identify what it will take to meet your goals. Most find that once their goals are met, there is little need for continued sessions. Some clients choose to visit us again during stressful life incidents or just when they are seeking deeper relaxation, clearer thinking or improved performance.

A New Brain Means A Coach-able Brain

With a new brain that is no longer sabotaging your performance in life and work, Kevin J. Fleming Ph.D. also offers ……

  • Executive sober/life coaching solutions with clinical emphasis on traditional recovery alternatives
  • Life burnout & stress management coaching
  • Holistic and spiritual growth solutions
  • Business & management consulting services


We invite you to view our primary website directly for detailed information on each of our services and the unique elements provided at: Grey Matters International is also a premier member on the National Sober Nexus Network and can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Contact Kevin Fleming, PhD. 24 hours a day 7 days a week by calling (877) 606-6161 or by filling out the form at the top right corner of this page, or via email directly at:

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